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Direct carrier billing is mostly used to charge for digital and mobile content. It is a very user-friendly payment solution. There is no registration, no intermediary steps, no keywords or short numbers. Just click and buy. Furthermore, Direct operator billing offers higher billing flexibility, which means you can use this mobile payment channel to sell more costly items.

Content providers will be able to know whether customers have enough money to pay for their purchases. This is provided through billing confirmation before delivery and creates better revenue predictability.

Some providers even support higher payout rates with Direct Carrier Billing. Transaction costs are reduced to a minimum since there are no transportation costs.

  • Simple and user-friendly mobile payment solution
  • Two types of Direct Carrier Billing
  • High quality, ready to use technical solutions for mobile payment
  • Simple payment and high conversion: no intermediary steps, a simple click and buy system
  • Lower transaction costs and attractive payout rates tailored to fit your needs
  • Flexible billing options - one time purchase and long-term subscription
  • Full support - service development, integration and live service support
  • Real-time web based statistics for full service performance control
  • 24/7 technical support

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